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6 months 1 hour weekly sessions


About the Course

Abacus training is universally accepted 'Complete Brain Development' program which activates both Left and Right Hemispheres of a child’s brain. Mastermind Abacus classes are not only about Mental Math or improving Mental Arithmetic Calculation, but also helps to excel in all the subjects.

Highlights of Abacus

 Improves Concentration
 Improves observation and listening skills
 Enhance Visualization and Imagination
 Boost creativity
 Speed and accuracy
 Increase Self confidence
 It builds strong academic foundation

Abacus is for 4 to 11 years old children. This is 3 years programme.

Your Instructor

Sugashini Hettiarachchi

I love teaching early years. I am passionate about Abacus and believe all children can
learn but everyone might have to learn a different technique that suits them.
I am a Management Accountant, work for public sector in the UK for last 10 years. I
am a part time tutor for 11+, 13+ and Abacus. I have completed B.Com and ACCA.

Sugashini Hettiarachchi
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