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Diana C

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Sinhala / English Language , Primary Mathematics Tutor

She has consistently stood at the intersection of effective communication and fostering genuine connections with students. An innate ability to communicate has been the cornerstone of her journey, transforming classrooms into friendly environments where learning thrives.

Her passion for teaching extends to the intricacies of language. Specializing in Sinhala and English, She has dedicated herself to not only imparting linguistic skills but also creating an atmosphere of warmth and understanding. This commitment has allowed her to build a unique rapport with students, transcending the conventional teacher-student dynamic.

The world of numbers and logic in primary mathematics has been another arena where she has sought to ignite curiosity and enthusiasm. Through innovative teaching methods, she aim is to make the subject accessible and enjoyable, laying a solid foundation for future learning.


Tutor Reviews

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Sinhala Teacher

Shani is a great teacher. She is very helpful and is always ensuring that I am making good progress with my Sinhala by ensuring I have all the resources I need between sessions to continually improve.

Karl Jaques

average rating is 5 out of 5, based on 5 votes, Service ratings

great teacher

I have been taking classes from Shani for more than 1 year. she is a great teacher and My language skills improved a lot

Sylvester Gomez

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