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Madushani A.

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Sinhala Language Tutor - Sinhala Book Reading

I graduated from University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka (language department )and I have studied for my OLs and AL s Sinhala as a language and have gotten 'A' passes. I'm eagerly waiting to offer tuition for the needy persons who are waiting to study Sinhala language .
Speaks English, Korean and German Languages.


Sinhala Alphabet & Writing,
Sinhala Stories / Book Reading,
Sinhala Grammar,
Reading Methods,
Teaching how beautiful this language and the culture.

I have my own style of teaching language
Activity base learning for reading, writing,
speaking, and listening
General conversation,
Daily conversation,
Individual attention ,
Giving supportive relevant lessons,
Revision lessons,

I can teach how to speak and write in Sinhala in any level of children. I assure the student will be able to speak , pronounce properly and write Sinhalese words with Sinhalese letters.


Tutor Reviews

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Sinhala Teacher

Shani is a great teacher. She is very helpful and is always ensuring that I am making good progress with my Sinhala by ensuring I have all the resources I need between sessions to continually improve.

Karl Jaques

average rating is 5 out of 5, based on 5 votes, Service ratings

great teacher

I have been taking classes from Shani for more than 1 year. she is a great teacher and My language skills improved a lot

Sylvester Gomez

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