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How to Express Likes and Dislikes in Sinhala

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

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Today we are going to teach you how to express likes and dislike in Sinhala. It is really simple in Sinhala coz Sinhala language is very flexible. You can learn the patterns of Sinhala sentences very easily by following this lesson. or check out our podcast on 'How to make a sentence in Sinhala' here

When we have a conversation with someone in any language, it's important to know how to express likes and dislikes in that language. That's why we think this lesson will be very helpful if you follow along.

Let's hope I want to say 'I like mangoes' in Sinhala, How can we say that?

I = mama, Like= kamaethiy, Mangoes = amba

full sentence would be " Mama Kamathiy amba walate"

In Sinhala we don't say "mama kamathiy amba" we say " mama kamathiy amba walata"

Or if you want to say " I like to eat mango" you can say "Mama Kamaethiy amba kanna"

kanna= to eat

Let's take another example. Suppose I want to say "I like to run". In Sinhala we can say

" mama kamaethiy duwanna"

mama= I , Kamaethiy = like, duwanna = to run

How can I say I like to dance in Sinhala. Let's give it a try

I = mama, Kamaethiy = like, to dance = natanna

the whole sentence would be " mama kamaethiy natanna"

Now let's move a little further . What if you want to say I like + a noun. As a n example suppose you want to say "I like Kamal" Kamal is a person. When you have to express this in Sinhala you say "mama kamaethiy kamalta" please notice there's "ta" sound in the end

some more examples are below

I like birds = mama kamaethiy kurullanta ( Bird = kurulla, Birds = Kurullan, (to )birds = kurullanta)

I like you = mama kamaethiy oyata

I like kids = mama kamaethy lamayinta ( Kid= lamaya, kids =lamayin, (to )kids= lamayin(ta) )

Let's take another example in plural form, when we have to say "I like bananas" we say 'mama kamaethiy keselwalata. we are adding "walate" in the end of the noun "kesel+walata'

Now let's see how to use this pattern with 'this' and 'that'.

I like this mango = mama kamaethiy mea ambeta( mea = this)

I like this book = mama kamaethiy mea pothata

I like that flower = mama kamathiy ara malata ( ara= that)

Now let's go back to the other example I mentioned earlier " I like to run""mama kamaethiy duwanna"

Now here I used a verb to express what I like to do

"I like to dance" , mama kamaethiy natanna"

Let's take a closer look. When we translate 'dance' verb into Sinhala It's "natanawa", But we don't say " mama kamaethiy natanawa". We say "mama kamathiy natanna"

I like to run = mama kamaethiy duwanna.

Let's take some more examples.

I like to eat = mama kamaethiy kanna

I like to swim = mama kamaethiy pihinanna

I like to sing = mama kamaethiy sindu kiyanna

I like to see = mama kamaethiy dakinna

I like to watch = mama kamaethiy balanna

I like to say = mama kamaethiy kiyanna

I like to come = mama kamaethiy enna

I like to go = mama kamaethiy yanna


Hope you understand how to express likes in Sinhala. Now let's see how to express dislikes in Sinhala. When we want to say "I don't like" in Sinhala, we say " mama kamaethi nea

Let's take some examples.

I don't like mangoes = mama kamaethi nea ambawalata

I don't like this mango = mama kamaethi nea mea ambeata

I don't like that flower = mama kamaethi nea ara malata

I don't like this shirt = mama kamaethi nea mea kamiseta

I don't like meat = mama kamaethi ne maswalata

Now let's see how that works, if we want to use a word to express. If we take the verb "run"and want to say " I don't like to run" we can say

mama kamaethiy nea duwanna.

take a look at these other examples below

I don't like to dance - mama kameathi nea natanna

I don't like to swim - mama kamaethi nea pihinanna

I don't like to watch - mama kamaethi nea balanna

I don't like to come - mama kamathi nea enna

I don't like to go - mama kamaethi nea yanna

We hope you now understand how to express likes and dislikes in Sinhala, Keep practicing what you learned, practice with a friend who speaks Sinhala. If you would like to improve your Sinhala Language skills, Join our online Sinhala classes. It's free to try out, Book a session to see how you would like our online classes. book a free trial session here

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