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Our Team Members

Without the TEAM, we wouldn't be here


Afreeda Mohideen

Biology Teacher - Biology, Chemistry, or any related science field

I am Afreeda Mohideen, an enthusiastic and highly qualified Biomedical Science graduate with a First-Class Honors degree from Northumbria University in the U.K.


Dinushi D

Sinhala Language and Other Primary Level Subjects

Highly enthusiastic teaching professional who is eager to provide all students with
a solid education. Talent for bringing the classroom to life with real world
examples, activities to facilitate multiple intelligences (Howard Gardner’s 9
intelligence theory) and keep students interested and focused.


Shani B.

Sinhala / English / Chinese Language Tutor

Shani is a Language Student and a Language Teacher and a person who loves languages. Shani is the owner and the creator of YouTube Channel 'Lingo Crown'.


Cherani S

Sinhala Language Instructor- Beginner Level

I’m a Sinhala teacher at Araliya Tutors. I love to
teach my mother tongue Sinhala to students all around the world


Madushani A.

Sinhala Language Tutor - Sinhala Book Reading

Graduated from University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. Always wanted to share my knowledge with younger generations to support the idea "Children are the future".


Stepnie T.

Sinhala/ Tamil /English Language Tutor

I love teaching languages to younger students as I have practiced teaching younger students several years in the past.


Diana C

Sinhala / English Language , Primary Mathematics Tutor

She has consistently stood at the intersection of effective communication and fostering genuine connections with students. An innate ability to communicate has been the cornerstone of her journey


Ruwan K.

Communication Manager

Ruwan has been a talented Pastry Chef all his Professional life. He had a dream of creating an educational institute to support younger generations. Started Araliya Tutors to support language learners all around the world.


Thamashi M

Sinhala/ English Language Tutor

Thamashi has been teaching Sinhala and English Languages as her career at Vidura College in Kalaniya. She loves teaching and enjoy helping children to find their potential.

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