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Human Body Parts In Sinhala

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

When we learn a new Language it's very important to learn about our body parts in that language because when we want to use the new language and express something about our own body parts or someone else's body parts. So today we are going to teach you about human body parts in Sinhala language. It makes more sense when we start from the top of our body. The head and it's parts.

Scull : හිස් කබල | Hiskabala

Hair | හිස කෙස් | Hisakes

Fore head | නළල | Nalaela

Ear | කන | Kana

Eye brows : ඇස් බැම | Ahi bama

Eye lashes ඇස් පිහාටු | Aspihatu

Eye | ඇහැ | Aehea

Nose | නහය | Nahaya

Chin | නිකට | Nikaeta

Tooth | දත් | Dath

Tongue | දිව | Diwa

Now let's focus on middle body below the head and above the hips

Shoulders | උරහිස | Urahisa

Arm | භාහුව | Bhahuwa

Hands | අත් | Ath

Elbow | වැලමිට | Walamita

Fingers | අත් ඇඟිලි | Ath angili

Palm | අල්ල | Allae

Nails | නිය පොතු | Niya pothu

Chest | පපුව | Papuwa

Stomach | බඩ | Bada

Navel | පෙකනිය | Pekaniya

Spine | කොඳු ඇට පෙල | Kondu aeta pelae

Hip | ඉඟ | Inga

let's learn about below the hips now, which are legs

Thigh | කලව | Kalawa

Knee | දනහිස Danahisa

Calves | කෙන්ඩ | Kenda

Ankle | විලුඹ | Wilumba

Feet | පාදය | Padaya

Toes | පය ඇඟිලි | Paya angili

How about some of the important inner parts of our body

Brain | මොලය | Molaya

Heart | හදවත | Hadawathae

Lungs | පෙනහලු | Penahalu

Kidney | වකුගඩු | Wakugadu

Bladder | මුත්‍රශය | Muthrasaya

Intestines | බඩවැල් | Badawal

blood Veins | ලේ නහර | Lea nahara

Bones | ඇට | Aeta

Now you know most of the Human body part. You can be proud of yourself. Now use the words and practice when you are with a friend who speak Sinhala. Make sure to subscribe to our blog so you will be notified when there's a new post. Good luck with learning Sinhala " Araliya Academy has gotten your back" join a free online session and practice your Sinhala language skills. At least join our community and find friend to talk and practice Sinhala.

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