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Let’s Learn How To Have A Conversation In Sinhala With Neighbors.

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Man is a social animal. We can’t strive alone in this universe. We do have the necessity of mingling with others. We need the support of others to fulfill our requirements. We need to have a good relationship with others.

Neighbors play a vital role in our day-to-day activities. We almost see them every day. It is true that we need to communicate with them for various reasons. A bold conversation with the neighbors will make things easy and simple.

Now let’s see how we can make a conversation with our neighbors. Let’s begin with the basics.

You might have heard about the following earlier. Let’s have a quick look.

  1. Mama Raani – මම රානි

I am Raani.

  1. Oba kauda | Oya kauda – ඔබ කවුද

Who are you?

  1. Wathura oneda – වතුර ඔනෙද

Do you need water?

  1. Baaldhiya ona – බාල්දිය ඔන

I need a bucket.

  1. Ow – ඔව්


  1. Naha – නැහැ


  1. Mata saneepa naha – මට සනීප නැහැ

I am not feeling well.

  1. Mata puluwan – මට පුලුවන්

I can.

  1. Harima amarui – හරිම අමාරුයි

It’s very difficult.

  1. Bohoma sthuthi – බොහොම ස්තුතියි

Thank you so much.

Some very simple examples are listed above.

By looking at those examples, you can get to know that Sinhala is a very easy language to learn. You don’t need to put a massive effort to learn it. You don’t need to have superstitious skills to master it. Sinhala is a very flexible language.

Experts say that you will get true contentment in doing a task only when you start to enjoy doing that. So enjoy learning Sinhala. It will be great fun.

Now let’s concentrate on building a conversation using the above examples.

Rani : මම රානි, ඔබ කවුද?

Mama Raani, Oba Kauda?

I'm Rani, may I know who you are?

Saman : මගෙ නම සමන්

Mage nama Saman.

My name is Saman

Rani : මට ආප්ප ඔන.

Mata aappa ona.

I want hoppers

Saman : හරි, මම දෙන්නම්. ඔයාට වතුර ඔනෙද​?

Hari, mama dennam. Oyaata wathura(water) oneda?

Ok, I'll get you, Do you want water?

Rani : ඔව්


Saman : ආප්ප රසයිද​?

Aapa rasai da?

Do you like hoppers?

Rani : ඔව්



Saman : ඔයාට සනිප නැද්ද?

Oyaata saneepa nadda?

You don't feel well?

Rani : මට සනීප නැහැ. හරිම අමාරුයි.

Mata saneepa naha. Harima amarui.

I don't feel well, and it's getting worse

Saman : හරි, බයවෙන්න එපා.

Hari, bayawenna epaa.

OK, Don't worry

Rani : බොහොම ස්තුතියි.

Bohoma sthuthi.

Thank You

Try to practice this conversation with someone who knows the Sinhala language. It is apparent that practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice and try, the more you will gain.

To brush up your knowledge, we give you two occasions where you should come up with your own conversations. Try to make small phrases. And then later on you can build big sentences. Give it a try.

  1. A conversation between you and a fish monger, while you buy fish from him.

  2. A conversation between you and your neighbor, inviting him for dinner at your home on a particular function.

Let’s see how you will make it. Please send your responses to our chat box. We may surely respond to you back.

We hope you have understood the lesson here. And we assume that it was helpful to you. We wish you good luck in learning the Sinhala language. If you have any clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

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