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Now You Can Learn Sinhala from Anywhere!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to Learn Sinhala from anywhere. We have created Araliya Academy site to help our Sri Lankan Community all around the world. We know as Sri Lankans we always had in our minds " how we can Teach Sinhala Language to our kids". So we have come to a solution to this on going problem in our minds. Now our kids can learn Sinhala from anywhere in the world. we think this will appreciate our Sr Lankan community all around the world.

All you have to do is Join one of our online Session

Go to booking page and join one of our Sinhala Language class. you can learn sinhala from your own comforts at home. we understand how important it is to teach our native language to our young generations. We think everyone understand the value of our native Language to us. so we have to make sure we give this to our kids and they can teach their kids and so on. if we didnt take an action today we will have Sri Lankan kids who do not speak Sinhala which is a shame. so as parents please take an action today and enroll your kids to one of our online Sinhala Course online. and please understand this is not another business. This is a helping community to support our Sri Lankans all around the world.

English Language for our Kids living in Sri Lanka.

We have created Araliya Academy to help kids in Sri Lanka as well. we have started free Online English Classes for kids living in Sri Lanka.any one can join online classes for free. we do this to help our Sri Lankan community.

join one of our Sinhala / English online classes here

Invitation to our Teachers.

We would like to invite to Sinhala Language teacher to help us to start new classes. If you are already a teacher you can join us and we will provide you with some income stream or if you are not a teacher already but you have ability to teach kids you can join us as well. if any one interested to learn more about joining as a teacher contact us

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