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Counting in Sinhala

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

We have started Araliya Academy website to help Sri Lankan younger generations to study their native language, specially younger generations live in other countries than in Sri Lanka. As Sri Lankans we understand the value of teaching our native Language to our kids. As parents it's our responsibility to teach our kids our native language, we need to understand he who not speak sinhala and born to Sri Lankan parents will be ashamed, That's why we are trying to help the parents and kids to be and act like real Sri Lankans. As Sri Lanka is where we all coming from . When you learn a language it is important to learn to count in that specific language. so we are going to teach you how to count in Sinhala. you can practice to count a few numbers at a time. We would like to suggest practice 1 to 10 first and 10 to 20 and then 20 to 30 , so on so forth.

Counting in Sinhala 1 to 10
Counting in Sinhala - Araliya Academy

Now we are going to count 10 to 20

Counting in sinhala 11 to 20 AraliyaAcademy
counting in sinhala 11 to 20

Now we are going to Learn 20 to 30

Sinhala conuting 20 to 30
Counting in sinhala 20 to 30 AraliyaAcademy

Now we are going to count 30 to 40

let us show you how to count 40 to 50

Now let's count 50 to 60

counting in Sanhala 50 to 60
counting in sinhala 50 to 60 - Araliya Academy

Counting continues 60 to 70

counting in Sinhala 60 to 70
Counting in Sainhala 60 to 70 Araliya Academy

Now let's counting 70 to 80

Counting continues 80 to 90

let us show you counting 90 to 100 and we will conclude by this. we will see you with another Sinhala lesson. please keep in mind and help another Sri Lankan Kid who live overseas to learn and practice Sinhala and encourage them to do the same for their kids. We would love to see Sr Lankan kids speak sinhala and other langauges. Araliya Academy wish you all good luck.

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