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Vegetables in Sinhala

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Vegetables are Very Important to humans and all the animals live in this Earth. Because vegetables help our bodies to grow and maintain of our body functions. there for eating vegetables not only helping our body and it helps us to be healthy too. Think about the colors of vegetables and how beautiful they are. surely we can make a rainbow with the colors of vegetables.

Most importantly as kids we need to make sure we add colored vegetables to our plates on each meal. so then we can grow faster, stronger and healthier. do not hesitate to ask your parents that you want more vegetables, They will love when you ask for more vegetables. besides the beautiful colors they have, It is interesting how they taste too. each vegetables has very unique taste, That's how our mother nature creates them to make us healthy and strong.

So now lets learn Vegetables in Sinhala and how we name them

Do you know that some vegetables can cure sickness, When we feel sick most of the time it is because our body is lack of some nutrients, so when we find out what's our body is lack with and when we eat more of the vegetables that specifically contains that kind of nutrients we get better and our sickness go away. it is important to learn vegetables and their nutrients that our body can get from them.

Make sure to join your mom or dad when they cook. encourage them to tell you more about vegetables. Encourage them to cook more vegetables for you that will make you play with you Friends longer and stronger. and do not forget vegetables can make you smarter too. coz vegetables and their nutrients can make your brain work better. healthier brain make you a smarter kid.

Above some of the spices and ingredients that we use to cook vegetables to make them taste better. so we can add some of those items to our dishes when we cook vegetables. when we add garlic onion curry leaves and green chilies in to our vegetables when we cook them not only they taste better but also they have added nutrients as well.

These are some of words that we use when we cook vegetables in our kitchens. so next time when your mom or dad cooks make sure to help them with washing them at least.

We hope you gained a lot of knowledge about vegetables and what they are called in Sinhala. please remember to practice in sinhala so then you can remember and share with your friends who learn sinhala as well.

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