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Fruits In Sinhala

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Banana: කෙසෙල් | Kesel

කෙසෙල් හැමදෙනා අතරම ඉතාම ප්‍රසිද්ධ පළතුරකි. කෙසෙල් වගා කිරීමට සුදුසුම කාලගුණයක් අත්‍යාවශ්‍යය. කෙසෙල් වලින් ඉතා ප්‍රනීත අතුරුපස සාදාගත හැක.

Banana is one of the most popular fruits in the world. Despite the limited climates it can grows. These sweet tropical fruits are often used in various desserts which has become popular in humans many parts of the world.

  • Excellent source of potassium.

  • Provide necessary minerals like manganese.

  • Rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin C.

There are many types of fruits. Some of them are Drupes, Aggregate, Berry, Pome, Hesperidium, Schizocarp. While berries are very popular among humans different parts of the world. Tropical fruits like mango, banana, pineapple popular among some peoples. Some fruits need different types of climates. different type of conditions to grow.


Mango contain of vitamin A, C and B6. And it contains iron as well. Adding mango to your diet often helps to improve aging. Helps to reduce wrinkles of the skin. And its heart friendly nutrients contain in mango help heart functions. Improve functions of immune system


Pineapple contain vitamin C and it help growth of our body and it has antioxidant. Help to function immune system smoother. Pineapple will prevent forming of cancer cells in our body as well as bacterial infections.

Papaya :

Papaya mainly helps our body reducing the risk of cancer. It contains vitamin C. Scientists has suggested that adding papaya into your diets will help to improve issues with cholesterol and will improve digestion. And papaya helps to improve our eyesight as well.

We hope you enjoy our fruit lesson. We hope to bring more educational lessons about fruits in later time. Stay focus. And share with your loved ones who likes to learn Sinhala.

If you know someone who has Sri Lankan background please share with them, This will encourage them to learn Sinhala. Araliya Academy is helping largely to Sri Lankan younger generations to learn sinhala and improve language skills to bring out their leadership qualities among them.

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